Meet the Team

We write computer software, emphasizing sound architecture,
robust implementation and unquestionable quality.

Mike Crawford, Consulting Software Engineer

BA Physics UC Santa Cruz 1993
Astronomy Major, Caltech Ricketts House Ex-86

Mike Crawford sitting at his desk.

I'm a coder; I can write any manner of software but my previous consultancy's lack of focus made it hard for potential clients to decide whether I could really serve their needs. Here at Portland Custom Software Development I mostly do device drivers and embedded firmware.

That everyone tells me that I write beautiful source is the result of The Elements of Programming Style's assertion that even assembly code can have good style.

My degree is in Physics, not Computer Science. When I was young, the books I read about history's greatest scientists emphasized their service to humanity through the free sharing of scientific discovery. While I always protect our clients' trade secrets I do my own personal work for the benefit of the community.

That Rod and I choose to forego funding makes for a lonely way of life but we are free to do right by others as we build The Global Computer Industry Index.

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Rod Schmidt, Principal Scientist

BS Engineering And Applied Science,
Caltech Blacker House 1985

Rod Schmidt hanging out at Starbucks.

Rod is developing an automated program correctness prover. We expect his code would be of great interest to embedded and mission critical systems companies.

At Caltech, he studied natural language processing under Fred Thompson, graphics under Jim Blinn and VLSI design under Chuck Seitz.

Rod's programming methodology is patient and methodical as recommended by Edsger Dijkstra in his classic text A Discipline of Programming.

Before joining Portland Custom Software Development Rod was a Law And Motion paralegal with a focus on US Federal, Oregon State and Portland City laws. He and his partner researched legal briefs for use by trial lawyers.

He's also a stage magician: he really can pull a rabbit out of a hat!

One Must Not Trifle With Wizards For It Makes Us Soggy And Hard To Light