Tips and Tricks

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Portland Custom Software Development.

For Webmasters and Web Designers

Use Validators and Load Generators to
Test Your Web Applications

HTML validators ensure that your web pages are correctly formatted. Load generators stress-test your web servers to find performance problems.

For Coders

Study Fundamentals, Not API's, Tools nor OSes

Advice from an experienced professional on how to become a better programmer.

Pointers to C++ Member Functions

A tutorial on a useful yet poorly understood language feature,
useful to cache the outcome of a decision or to enable a different sort of polymorphism.

Pointers, References and Values

Passing Parameters, Returning Results, and Storing Member Variables with Musings on Good C++ Style

On Refactoring C++ Code

Properly managing memory returned by transcode() in the Xerces C++ XML Library: from memory leak to clean, leak-free exception safety

One Must Not Trifle With Wizards For It Makes Us Soggy And Hard To Light